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Logiwa QuickTake Webinar: 3 Keys To Warehouse Automation
Join our warehouse fulfillment and technology experts on Friday June 24th at 12pm CDT for the latest 15-minute QuickTake webinar on the topic of Warehouse Automation.

Automating the multitude of manual tasks involved in high-volume order fulfillment is no longer a competitive advantage - it's a competitive imperative as leading brands and 3PLs race to employ new hardware and software technologies to gain an edge in the race for consumer satisfaction. And the race begins with knowing what your options are and how best to implement them. In this webinar, we'll discuss:

> How software-based automation rules can dramatically improve productivity
> The increasing role of robotics and considerations when incorporating them into your operations
> Order routing and using automation to scale operations across multiple warehouses


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Dilek Hafizoglu
Senior Onboarding Engineer @Logiwa Technology Inc.
Dilek Hafizoglu joined the Logiwa team in June 2019 and quickly became one of Logiwa’s most celebrated Senior Onboarding Engineers. After graduating from Southern Illinois University and Istanbul Technical University’s Dual Diploma Program, Dilek used her Industrial Engineering degree to help countless fulfillment operations analyze their existing systems and improve their supply chain management. We are thrilled to have her warehousing insights and technical expertise guiding us in this week’s webinar!